Recognizing the immense value of this drink, KUPS Foods & Beverages Pvt Ltd. was started, with an aim to popularize this drink. The founders of the company have been associated with the Food and Beverages Industry for around 10 years. Although sugarcane as a product offering has become popular only in the last Seven years, KUPS Foods & Beverages Pvt Ltd. has been offering this since day one of the company. We are recognized as a pioneer in the sugarcane juice and allied products industry, and have received several awards on this account.

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Across the centuries, people in India, China and other parts of the world have been using sugarcane juice not only as a nutritional drink but as a tonic to cure various ailments and revitalize the internal organs. Ayurvedic and Buddhist texts have documented the use of sugarcane juice for its cooling and healing properties. More recently, scientists have discovered that several minerals, vitamins, and other bio-chemical compounds present in sugarcane juice react with one another in unique ways and positively impact different parts of the body.

Sugarcane juice has been known to prevent and cure flu, sore throats and cold. §Owing to its high mineral content, the juice is known to prevent tooth decay. Its known to help control Goiter (swelling of the thyroid gland due to iodine deficiency).


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